Southern Region Shore Angling Qualifier

First Qualifier was held on 27 April.

Fishing started at 17:hrs with 6 competitors.  The sea conditions were slight choppy waves. Weather was overcast with a slight drizzle.
Bunny Bonnet caught a 50 cms  log eel.  John Downing caught a Bass at 37 cms, and a flounder of 30cms.

Second qualifier was held on 25 May 
Fishing started at 17:00 hrs with 7 competitors.  The sea conditions were slight with small waves.  The weather was dry and overcast.

First fish of the day, caught by Bunny Bonnett, was an (Undulate) Ray of 38 cms across the wings.  ( Photo of Bunny holding the ray with Dave Thompson the organizer attached)
A while later a Black Bream of 31 cms was caught by Chris Chuter. 

Half way through the match the sea went flat calm with a slight breeze an in the last hour John Downing caught a Bass of 24 cms.
A good competition enjoyed by all.

The three qualifiers to be put through to the National Beach Final are:

1st Position    John Downing        Three Fish
                                                Bass 37 cm
                                                Flounder 30 cm
                                                Bass 24 cm                   total 91 points

2nd position    Bunny Bennett       Eel 50 cm
                                                (Undulate) Ray 38 cm    total 88 points

3rd position    Pete Wells              Dogfish 45 cm              total  45 points   

4rd position    Chris Chuter            Black Bream 31cm        total 31 points

Dave Thompson, Barry Davies and Ian Edwards all tried hard by all blanked.

Tight Lines

Dave Thompson



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