CSSC’s Advice Surgery

CSSC’s Advice Surgery

Whether it’s a query on the right footwear you should be wearing, or tips on maintaining your bike, CSSC’s volunteer advisors will be able to use their years of experience to offer free, practical help and advice online.

Running Advice Surgery – Are you unsure on the correct trainers you should purchase? Do you struggle with ideas on how to warm up before going for a run? Why not get in touch with CSSC’s volunteer running advisors and ask your running questions today.

Walking Advice Surgery – Perhaps you are unsure on the correct footwear required for walking or the essential items to pack when going for a long walk? Get in touch with CSSC’s volunteer walking advisors who can give free advice and point you in the right direction.

Swimming Advice Surgery – Do you need some top tips on improving your swimming stroke? Or are you finding difficulties with your breathing techniques? CSSC’s volunteer swimming advisors will be able to use their years of experience to help answer your questions.

Cycling Advice Surgery – Unsure on the right bike for you? Are you unsure on how to maintain your current bike? Email CSSC’s volunteer cycling advisors today for some top advice on your burning questions.

Nutrition and Personal Training Advice Surgery - Are you unsure what to eat to maintain your health? Why not get in touch with CSSC’s volunteer nutritional advisors and ask your questions.



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