Frequently Asked Questions

What is My Active Rewards?

My Active Rewards is a FREE health and fitness app that rewards you for being active, whatever your fitness level.

How do I earn rewards for being active?

Once you have downloaded the My Active Rewards app, connect popular fitness apps and devices to the app and then go get active! When you connect your app or device the activity requirements are explained. Start tracking daily activities to earn points and enter challenges for the chance to receive cash rewards.
Every activity earns you points!

What activities earn me points? 

There are lots of ways that My Active Rewards can reward you for being active. 

  • Daily Steps - Track your steps each day by connecting to a free tracking app or fitness device. For 7000 steps completed, CSSC could reward you up to 20 points! You could collect up to 60 points per day
  • Daily Exercise - Going for a run, walk, swim or cycle will earn you points, again by connecting to a tracking app or fitness device. For every 20 mins of exercise you could get up to 20 points! You could collect up to 60 points per day
  • Health Venues - Attending a particular gym or sports venue for at least 30 mins could earn you up to 20 points! You can earn up to 60 points per day
  • Refer a Friend - Get a fellow CSSC member to sign up to My Active Rewards and use your unique referral code (you’ll get one when you sign up). You both get 100 extra points when the first activity is completed
  • CSSC Events and Activities - You can gain some mega points from CSSC activities too. Open events earn you 200 points each time and national finals will earn you 50 points. A list of all the CSSC events can be found here and keep your eye out for My Active Reward stamps right which highlight participating CSSC events.
How do I join My Active Rewards?

It’s FREE to join, all you need is a smartphone and your unique CSSC referral code. All the details can be found on the main My Active Rewards page. If you have an Apple iPhone, you can download My Active Rewards from the App Store and if you have an Android phone, you can download the app from Google Play. Please note that when you sign up to the app you must use your CSSC email address.

How to guides and videos on how to download the app are available here.

How much does it cost? 

My Active Rewards is free to all members! 

Are there other ways to earn points?

What this space as we will soon be adding more events as we are currently looking at taster days, CSSC local area events, volunteering activities and more!

How do I collect points from sports and fitness venues?
Firstly ensure your bluetooth and location settings are on and then click on the ‘Check In’ circle in the top right hand corner of the main screen of the app. A drop down list will display all the local gyms and you will need to click on the relevant venue sand select what activity you will be doing. Please note you will need to do this every time you attend a sports or fitness venue.

If I'm a volunteer event organiser, how do I add points to my CSSC events?

CSSC are beginning to trial this and would love to hear from organisers who wish to put points to their event. It is very simple to set up and all we need is details of the event. This comes with no extra cost or additional time needed from the volunteer. Simply email

Please note, if you are organising one of CSSCs national open events or finals, CSSC has already put points to this event. 

What rewards are on offer?

With thousands of prizes up for grabs, increase your chances of winning by entering a number of challenges from the ‘Challenges’ section of the app. You can also use your points to get amazing offers from exclusive brands. Check out the ‘Shop’ section of the app.

Is my data secure and private?

Yes. My Active Rewards is powered by bounts. Bounts is a certified data controller registered with the UK Data Commissioner and certified under the UK Government Cyber Essentials Data Privacy Scheme. Please note that bounts do not sell any personal data.

What if I am already using the bounts app?

CSSC members should delete the bounts app and download My Active Rewards for iPhone or Android. You’ll be able to login to the My Active Rewards app with the same login details. There are a number of additional benefits to using the My Active Rewards app if you are a CSSC member such as; earn bonus points at CSSC events, get access to CSSC rewards from time to time and earn extra points for achieving activity milestones from time to time.

How does My Active Rewards monitor my exercise?

There are a few ways it tracks this:

  • Via the My Active Rewards app itself.  Attending a gym or sports centers, sports facilities and CSSC activities are all based on your smartphones GPS technology or Bluetooth. 
  • Via a smartphone fitness app. Download any free fitness apps on your phone such as RunKeeper, Moves, and Apple’s iPhone Health app, Google Fit and others
  • Via a fitness device. My Active Rewards can connect to fitness devices to record activities such as going for a run, exercise classes or a walk in the park. Many fitness devices are supported including Fitbit, Jawbone, Garmin, Misfit.

For more information on how to use the app, check out this how to guide.

What is the Venue Map?

The venue map allows you to add gyms/sports venues to then earn points for attending using GPS with your smartphone (iOS or Android). This is delivered on a best efforts basis. 

How do I connect with friends?

To connect with friends you'll need to login to your My Active Rewards account and head to 'Refer and Find Friends' and search for friends that already have the app by typing in their name and pressing 'Search'.

You can also invite friends to join My Active Rewards within the 'Refer and Find Friends' page.

If you have any other questions please contact



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