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CSSC Awards

Merit Award Winner | Tony Cliff

Congratulations, Tony! Our final Merit Award winner to be announced today.

So what did his nominator have to say about Tony?

"I've known Tony for 15 years, but in greater detail in the last 4 years in my role of Chairman of the Angling Council. Tony is without doubt the most meticulous person I know. His attention to all details is exceptional, this has on numerous occasions put the Angling Council on a strong footing. He forecasts our budget each year, almost exactly correct at end of year. He puts in a huge amount of time and work into booking venues, hotels, associated matters and travel for the five angling finals. He drives a very hard bargain with the businesses!

Tony is a key asset at the Angling Council meetings. I have to commend his financial acumen, as it has placed the Council in good stead for many a year. There is a tremendous amount of work done by Tony throughout the year in his role as Treasurer.

Tony’s involvement for in excess of 35 years at Area, Region and Angling Council has been significant and is worthy of significant recognition. Without volunteers like Tony, CSSC and its associated bodies would not function in the manner in which they do, serving and providing enjoyment to the membership!"

To help paint a picture of Tony' timeline as a CSSC Volunteer, take a look at all of these roles he's supported with!
North Wales boat angling organiser for 5/6 years for the CSSC Wales Regional Board.
1982: Treasurer of the Angling Council
1980-1982: Secretary of Wrexham Area Association
1982-1988: Treasurer of the Wrexham Area Association

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