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Mental Health Awareness

Take time for your mental health

Mental health awareness is of utmost importance. Whether seeking information for yourself, or looking to support someone else we have provided a variety of webinars, great apps and other tools.

From familiarising ourselves with mental wellbeing to feeling empowered to get the support we need, CSSC believes that no one should face a mental health issue alone, or be prevented by stigma from seeking help.

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Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference 2021

The Charity For Civil Servants are collaborating again with Civil Service HR and Civil Service Sports Council to bring you the 2021 Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference, which will kick off on Monday 4 October.

Like last year, the Conference will be hosted virtually for ten days and is open to all civil servants; you just need to register to gain access.

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Green Therapy - Notes on Nature Newspaper

Rounding up the week, Green Therapy includes articles, tools and practical tips from our partners on using our outside spaces and maximising our most precious resource, the environment, in fostering good health.

Green Therapy also invites you on more personal journeys, told through voices of some of our members, as they reveal their experiences and top tips on using nature to boost wellbeing.

Read on and find inspiration to help build your very own connection with nature.

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Online wellbeing

Find your happy place with great hints and tips for staying relaxed, invigorated and stimulated.

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Charity for Civil Servants: Here for you

All our wellbeing support has been brought together in one easy place, giving access to online help, wellbeing webinars, the wellbeing hub and DogBot.

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CSSC life

Our comprehensive health and wellbeing platform, designed around you.

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CSSC's Guided Mindfulness Video

Mindfulness has been proven to reduce anxiety, improve cognition and help treat depression. Watch our short video as an introduction to guided mindfulness.

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Body and mind

As many of us know, the relationship between our mental health & physical health has been proven to be synonymous. Taking care of your body in turn takes care of your mind, and vice versa.

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Yoga & Pilates

Practising yoga/pilates is good for your mind, as well as your body. The focus on breathing gives it a meditation like feel, whilst the poses build strength in your muscles and core.

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Practicing your green thumb in your garden is a great way of building strength, endurance and flexibility as well as improving your mental wellbeing.

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Book Club

Reading is a hobby that many of us enjoy recreationally, but it also offers a portal of escapism from our world into one defined by our imaginations and can therefore be incredibly cathartic.

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CSSC Retired Members Group

A friendly Facebook group for CSSC members, set up to bring together our retired members and help build a community online of likeminded members with an opportunity to make friends across the UK.

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Video resources

Mental Health Awareness Week Photo of a woman and a dog

MHAW | Staff Stories

Find out about how others find time in their schedules to get outside and benefit from surrounding themselves by nature.

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Mental Health Awareness Week Photo of a man

MHAW | Staff Stories

Find out about how others find time in their schedules to get outside and benefit from surrounding themselves by nature.

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Living with a Black Dog

A personal insight into living with depression. Please note that any views, opinions and suggestions are the protagonist's own and does not necessarily reflect best clinical practice.

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Organisations and charities

As a wellbeing organisation, CSSC recognises & promotes the importance of maintaining a healthy body & mind. However, we are not a recognised health institution and any information provided by us should not be taken as advice or guidance.

For further support, please contact your GP or visit the following organisations.


When you’re living with a mental health problem, or supporting someone who is, having access to the right information is vital. Why not take a look at their guides, helplines and online community.

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The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) is leading a movement against suicide, the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK. If you need someone to talk to they have a helpline and a webchat.

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Young Minds

Whether you're a young person who needs someone to talk to or a parent that's worried about their child, Young Minds can help. You can follow their blog posts or check out their other online resources.

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Confidential advice and a wealth of information about substances, their effects, and the law surrounding them. FRANK also offer guidance and support for those struggling with substance abuse.

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Information and advice on eating disorders, with a supportive online community. Also provides a directory of services to put you in contact with the people/tools to provide extra support.

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We all have responsibility for our own health, but the NHS is also responsible for helping people to improve their health and wellbeing by providing nationwide healthcare.

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Our partners

About us

The Civil Service Pensioners` Alliance (CSPA) has been working hard for almost 70 years to protect the value of Civil Service pensions on behalf of our members. We meet regularly with the Cabinet Office to discuss Civil Service pension issues, and we are officially accredited as the representative body for retired Civil Servants. We also work with other pensioner organisations to promote and campaign for the economic and social wellbeing of pensioners.


Membership costs just £2 a month (or £2.80 a month for joint membership) and is open to pensioners in receipt of a Civil Service pension; or anyone entitled to a Civil Service pension who is within ten years of retirement.

As a member you will receive a quarterly magazine, delivered to your home address, with news about pension changes; current campaigns; and other issues affecting your retirement. You can also benefit from a range of membership benefits including free initial legal advice; shopping discounts; and many other benefits available through our website.

You can join CSPA by downloading an application form from our website; or contact us at

Avoiding burnout

The Charity for Civil Servants supports all current, former and retired civil servants throughout their lives, listening without judgement and offering practical, financial and emotional support.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, emotionally drained and unable to meet the constant demands of work and life, you may be experiencing burnout.

Working from home or in isolation, with fewer social and leisure opportunities, it’s possible to experience burnout. We sometimes need to be reminded to look after our own wellbeing, including spotting the signs of burnout, and seeking help quickly. It can be hard to admit to ourselves when we are overwhelmed, let alone tell other people how we feel.

If you’re missing deadlines, always on, distracted, irritable, lacking sleep, or feeling like you can’t do your job well any more, you may need to recover, refresh and reboot.

Visit The Charity for Civil Servants’ Burnout Hub to help you find ways to improve your wellbeing.

The Charity for Civil Servants supports all current, former and retired civil servants throughout their lives, listening without judgement and offering practical, financial and emotional support.  
The Charity’s interactive wellbeing guide, DogBot, provides a routed conversation that is designed to guide you to the most appropriate support available, linking to both the Charity’s website and Wellbeing Hub. It has just been updated to include a summary of your chat, with links to specific resources that may be relevant, given your responses. 
DogBot is also able to talk you through mindfulness techniques and explain in detail the concept of cognitive behavioural  therapies (CBT), before signposting you on to how to access services local to you. 


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