New Digital Membership Card

2019 Digital Membership Cards

We're very excited that from 2019, instead of sending all members a plastic card, we've gone digital!

If you have an email address registered with us, we will be making your life easier by emailing your digital CSSC membership card directly. 

Why have we made the change?

To make it as easy as possible for our members to make use of their membership benefits, digital cards are:

  • Available on your phone whenever you need it
  • Fast and easy way to access member benefits
  • One less thing to carry in your wallet
  • Better for the environment

Also, our new members won’t have to wait for their card to arrive in the post. They will be able to make use of their membership as soon as they receive their welcome email.

What is a digital membership card?

Digital cards are emailed to all members in January. The card will also appear at the bottom of various newsletters and emails so it will be easy to find. It will look similar to a plastic card, and will include your details (name, membership number and expiry date).

How do I use my digital membership card?

You can present the card from your emails on your smart phone/mobile device, or if it's easier, you can show a print of your card too. To confirm your membership you will also be asked to show a form of photo ID with your digital card.

When will I receive my digital membership card?

In January we are emailing out digital membership cards for all members. New members and anyone requesting a replacement card will also receive a digital membership card.

Which member benefits do I need a digital membership card for?

English Heritage, Historic Royal Palaces and Cadw sites, as well as local events. For Shop & Save, fill in this form.

Why is the expiry date January 2020?

As with plastic cards, we send all membership cards to current members every January and they are valid for a year.

What should I do if I can’t find my digital membership card?

You should be able to find your digital card at the bottom of various CSSC emails. If you can’t find it on any emails then you can fill out this form and a new digital membership card will be sent to you, via email, within two working days.

What if I want to update my email address?

To ensure your digital membership card and CSSC emails come through to the most suitable email address, you can update your email address in the My CSSC section of the website.

What if I don’t have a smart phone or email address?

Everyone who we are unable to contact via email will be sent a plastic card. If you don’t have a smart phone or a printer then we can send you a plastic card as we want to make sure all members are able to access their member benefits.

How can I order a plastic card?

If you do need to order a plastic card, please contact our customer support team, explaining why you need a plastic card and we will be in touch.