Membership for your Employees

Employees can get more out of life with CSSC Sports & Leisure

According to Public Health England, the combined costs of sickness absence, lost productivity through worklessness, and health-related productivity losses, are estimated to be over £100bn a year.

That’s a startling figure, but employers are fighting against it by investment into health and wellbeing solutions.

Aims of a health and wellbeing programme
  • Increase in work place morale and performance
  • Reduce stress
  • Support the retention and recruitment of staff
  • Active and healthier staff

Employers have to find a solution that suits their individual needs and budgetary limitations. So why not consider an organisation whose aim is to promote individual health and wellbeing to the entire public sector.

CSSC Sports and Leisure can offer you more

We are a not-for-profit membership organisation, which has been supporting the public sector and civil service to strike a healthy work-life balance since 1921. We want to help you and your employees have fun, get active and try out new activities with CSSC.

As well as the traditional benefits of a health and wellbeing programme, CSSC can also offer you more:

  • No cost to you, the employer - employees sign up directly for a small monthly fee
  • It is easy to administer, develop and deliver to your employees
  • We can complement your current health and wellbeing and staff benefits offering
  • Provide opportunities for networking and teambuilding amongst colleagues

What are the membership benefits?

Whether you love sport, want to try something new, explore, have fun or enjoy great savings, CSSC is here for you.

Take Part

Get involved and meet new people, with our wide range of events and taster days.


Live and breath the rich history of our historic castles. gardens, palaces, forts and monuments, all at no cost.

Get Active

Need a little help to stay motivated? CSSC rewards you for being active and provides discounts to a range of gyms.

Make Savings

Save money on just about everything! From your groccery shop, to dining out, going to the cinema and other attractions. 


Top Member Benefits 

Membership is only £4.25 a month and is paid by employees directly to CSSC

Who can join?

CSSC is an exclusive membership for public sector employees or pensioners, including civil servants, local government, the NHS, teachers, police, fire fighters and HM Armed Forces personnel.

Click here for a full list of Eligible Employees.

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