'Member get Member' scheme terms and conditions

1.    For the duration of this promotion, every CSSC member who encourages a new member to join CSSC and their name and membership number is

1.1.  specified in the designated section on the new member's paper membership application form,

1.2.  or entered in the personal recommendation when joining online

will receive a £10 cashback reward into their My Savings+ account. Please note: MGM is not applicable when a CSSC representative is present, for example at a workplace recruitment day or at other organised promotional events.

2.    If more than one member is recruited, multiples of £10 will be rewarded for each additional member.

3.    There is no limit to the number of new members who can be encouraged to join. Each new CSSC member must however know the member they are referring for the £10 reward. The MGM details cannot be filled out by any other person without the knowledge and agreement of the new member.

4.    CSSC reserves the right not to pay out a reward should the member recruited through MGM cancel their membership within 3 months of joining.

5.    For the avoidance of doubt, the Member get Member reward will be issued, subject to condition 9 below, for each full or linked member recruited during the period specified.

6.    A credit will be placed into the member's My Savings+ account, in accordance with the number of members recruited, by People Value Ltd within two months of their join date.

7.    You will be required to register on the CSSC website to access your My Savings+ account. To do so, enter your username (which is your email address registered on your membership record). You will then receive a link in an email to set your password. If you are unable to register or log in please contact headoffice@cssc.co.uk.

8.    By exception, if you do not have an email account your reward will be processed through our head office.

9.    CSSC reserves the right to amend or end the campaign at any time.

10.  Rewards will not be granted for new members who left CSSC after June 2011 and re-join within 3 years.

11.  All rewards made through this scheme are at CSSC’s discretion.