Member Get Member

Like many things in life, some things are better shared. If you love your CSSC membership, why not encourage friends and colleagues to take part? As a thank you, you'll receive £10 cashback for every new member you introduce.

With cashback rewards you now have the flexibility to accrue or spend your earnings using the My Savings+ portal. Cashback rewards can be loaded onto any retail card on the My Savings+ portal, or transferred straight to your bank account.

In 2018, over £75,000 was awarded through the Member get Member scheme. With no limit to the number of people you can invite to join, you can watch your cashback rewards grow along with CSSC. 

How does it work?

Each time you recruit a new member cashback will be credited into your My Savings+ account. 

As a CSSC member you will automatically have a My Savings+ account. To access your My Savings+ account you will need to be registered on CSSC's website and have your email address recorded on your membership record.*

Once your cashback reward is showing in your account, you can either let them accrue, load them on to a retail card or transfer the funds to a bank account (the latter will incur a £1 admin fee).

Who can join?

Anyone who works for or has retired from the civil service or any part of the wider public sector, including HM Armed Forces. Do you know anyone who works in the NHS, teachers, Emergency Services or local government? They can all join too!

You can also link up to 6 adult friends and family to join through our Linked Membership Scheme so you can all take advantage of the hundreds of activities and thousands of offers.

What should you do now?

Ask them to join online and ensure that they include your details in the relevant section. They will need your membership number in order to do this. Or download a membership form and pass it on. Remember to make sure your details are filled in the relevant section of the membership application form to ensure you receive your £10 cashback reward.

Terms and Conditions

*CSSC reserves the right to end or change the campaign at any time. 
If you do not have an email address or would like to check your current email please contact 

Processing times

Please note: If you join online you will be able to sign in to our website immediately. Your Digital Membership Card will then be emailed to you within 2 working days. For postal forms, it will take around 2 weeks for forms to be processed and a further 2 days before you’ll receive your membership card.