Tessa O’ Connor - Nottingham

"I received my Sainsbury's gift card and I decided to use some of it to treat my colleagues to biscuits and sweets and the rest will come in handy for topping up on groceries near the end of the month.

I have always encouraged colleagues to join by telling them about the great value cinema tickets, due to having a teenage daughter who enjoys going to the cinema the cheap tickets are extremely valuable. I had to rush and get them ordered for big movies like Harry Potter and this month I will have to order for the New Twilight movie. We have also used the caravan in the Peak district twice and my family have loved it every year along with taking advantage of the Chatsworth house family pass. CSSC keep coming out with new offers I especially want to start using the Asda vouchers for my monthly shopping. My colleagues found the savings on shopping a big incentive for joining.

Thank you, CSSC keep up the good work."