Member Get Member Success Stories

After launching our 'Member-Get-Member' campaign this year, we would like to share a few success stories from our Members who have been successful in recruiting new members through family or friends. After receiving their Sainsbury's shopping card we received the following feedback.

Julieann Parker - Coventry
"I didn't realise just how many people were not members. When a rep came around promoting CSSC 
I advised everyone that I was a member and that I take advantage of some of the benefits.

I originally joined CSSC as I used to work in the Sports field and sport is very close to my heart. I have competed once at your swimming champs and would love to do more but family commitments (and a husband who generally works away) seem to have taken over. I love the fact that you help with the Sponsorship scheme as an ex-competitor I know how expensive training and racing can be.

I am hoping to take part in an event or two next year but it will be dependent on personal circumstances nearer the time.

One of our ex-colleague's grand daughter was born in January with Cystic Fibrosis. I arranged a lunch in October to raise funds towards a vest to help her (we raised £150). The vest costs around £7,000 and is not available on the NHS so every penny helps. It was suggested that the monies raised be put towards another lunch to try and raise a little more, so that's what I am spending my Sainsbury's giftcard money on."

Mark Z Barnes - Plymouth
"Both my wife and I have been members of the CSSC for a number of years and participated in several sporting events such has 5-a-side Football and Mixed Rounders at locations such as Loughborough, the Isle of Wight and more recently Barbados. I have had such a good time playing in these competitions at a national level that I have mentioned this to others within my workplace that have sporting abilities and would enjoy experiencing what the CSSC has to offer. I was able to advertise many of the additional benefits of the club in advance of the recruitment team's visit which also grabbed the attention of many non-sporting individuals and provided a wider potential client interest.

One of the main selling points for my place of work is the number of students we have who visit the cinema around once a month. The discount for cinema tickets alone would be a good selling point for them as well as the discount from Sainsbury's as there are at least two stores within the area.

I must admit that initially I was unaware of the Sainsbury's voucher on offer for attracting new members as my initial motivation for recruiting members was a prompt from my wife Marianne Glover who is on the local committee in Plymouth who were keen to boost member numbers; however the vouchers will come in useful for general shopping and some flowers for my wife as a thank you to her."

Tessa O’ Connor - Nottingham
"I received my Sainsbury's gift card and I decided to use some of it to treat my colleagues to biscuits and sweets and the rest will come in handy for topping up on groceries near the end of the month.

I have always encouraged colleagues to join by telling them about the great value cinema tickets, due to having a teenage daughter who enjoys going to the cinema the cheap tickets are extremely valuable. I had to rush and get them ordered for big movies like Harry Potter and this month I will have to order for the New Twilight movie. We have also used the caravan in the Peak district twice and my family have loved it every year along with taking advantage of the Chatsworth house family pass. CSSC keep coming out with new offers I especially want to start using the Asda vouchers for my monthly shopping. My colleagues found the savings on shopping a big incentive for joining.

Thank you, CSSC keep up the good work."

Michael Dennison, Birmingham

"The MGM campaign is a really useful recruitment tool.  I have found it beneficial to receive a reward for recruiting, it creates a buzz in the office too when others receive their vouchers.

My main recruitment tools are highlighting the benefits that the Birmingham Area offer, organising events that people want to take part in – making it cheaper for members to take part, organising sports teams within my organisation where all players have to be CSSC members. The English Heritage Membership and Cinema tickets are also very useful as I can show that membership pays for itself".

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