Stand 2 Support Event 2017

Stand 2 Support

S2S is a support group within the Home Office that looks to support veterans within the workplace with difficulties that they may be experiencing as a result of their service.

On Saturday 12 August 2017 Graham Horne and members of Stand 2 Support (S2S), supported by Home Office Staff, took part in a gruelling TAB from Doncaster Keepmoat Stadium to Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield. A TAB being a Tactical Advance to Battle or a forced walk for the layman. It was a distance of 24 miles with some members of the team carrying some 35lbs of weight in rucksacks (Bergens) on their back. The group set off from Doncaster at 3:45 am and arrived at Hillsborough at 12:30pm.

The TAB was in order to raise money for Ben Parkinson’s charity Pilgrim Bandits and early indications show that the group managed to raise over £4000 for their efforts.

Ben Parkinson welcomed the group at Hillsborough and walked the final few hundred yards with them.

Take a look at their photographs from the event below.

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