Fundraising for Diabetes UK with Audrey Haskell

Fundraising for Diabetes UK with Audrey Haskell

Support Audrey as she takes on a personal challenge while fundraising for Diabetes UK.

I've been desperately trying to lose weight over the last 18 months! I go to Slimming World and have so far lost 3.5 stone, but have a long way to go, I'm an insulin dependent diabetic and need to lose weight for my health.

Last week, I got a sudden urge to seriously improve my exercise and get the weight loss moving again, so I signed up to do something to raise money for Diabetes UK, a charity I have supported for years.

It's a little matter of a 22 mile swim (the width of the English Channel) over a three month period - that's 1416 lengths of my local pool. So I signed up, joined Goldenstones as a member for a year, ordered an extra swimming costume and got stuck in on day 1 - which was on 22 February.

I need to swim more than 2 miles per week on average, so somehow have to fit in four swims a week. I had a good start, 40 lengths on 22 February, followed by 36 at 7.30am the next morning. 160 lengths down and I'm discovering muscles I didn't know I had!

If you feel you'd like to support me at all, then please go to my Just Giving page!