Linked Membership FAQs

What is the linked Membership scheme?   

Any member eligible for CSSC membership because of their civil service or public sector employment or pension is known as a Qualifying Member. All Qualifying Members are able to link up to six of their friends and family to their membership, allowing them to join CSSC when they would not ordinarily be able to. These are called Linked Members. The Qualifying Member and their Linked Members make up one Membership Unit.

How is the Linked Membership different to normal membership?  

Linked Members may use their membership in all the same ways as Qualifying Members. They will have their own membership number, their own membership card and their own vote at AGMs. They will be able to take part in events, activities and benefits completely independently of their Qualifying member (this includes local, regional and national activities).

Linked Members are welcome to volunteer with CSSC, but there are a few exceptions to the positions of responsibility that they can hold, including:

  • Linked members can sit on the Board
  • No more than one officer (Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer) of any Committee, Board, Council or CSSC decision-making body (or the auditors of their accounts) can come from the same Membership Unit.

Linked members must be aged 18 or over (Qualifying Members must be 16 or over).

Can Linked Members link to their membership?

A regulation change came into place as at 1 September 2018, stating that all Linked Members, providing they have held CSSC membership for one year after 1 September 2018, may link up to six new members.

How much does Linked Membership cost, and who pays?

Linked Members pay the same rates of membership subscription as any other members. For Linked Members above the state retirement age, as with other retired members, membership subscriptions will be 90% of the full CSSC membership subscription rate.

Linked Members have their own membership records, and arrange payment for their own subscription costs by Direct Debit, by cheque or by credit/debit card. Linked Membership can also be bought as a gift, just like standard membership.

Who can become a Linked Member?

Anybody who is a friend or relative of a Qualifying Member and aged 18 or over may Link to their membership with their permission, and subject to space being available in their Membership Unit.

Anybody who is eligible to join CSSC in their own right, because of their civil service or public sector employment or pension, will automatically become a Qualifying Member when they join. The main benefits of being a Qualifying member are that your membership terms would not be subject to any exceptions, that your membership status would not be dependent on a Qualifying Member, and that you could add your own Linked Members immediately if you wanted to.

How do I join as a Linked Member?

You will need to get the permission of the Qualifying Member you wish to Link to, along with their membership number and contact details. When you apply to join CSSC, just indicate that you wish to join as a Linked Member and supply these details. The Qualifying Member will then be contacted (preferably by email), confirming that a Linked Membership application has been received for association with their record.

What happens to Linked Members if their Qualifying Members leave CSSC? 

If a Qualifying Member leaves CSSC, the membership of the Linked Member(s) may continue.

Can Linked Members be changed or removed?

Any Qualifying Member can only have a maximum of six Linked Members. In order to Link anyone else, the Qualifying Member would have to decide which of the other six memberships should be terminated.

To terminate a Linked Membership, the Qualifying Member needs to contact Customer Support, who will inform the Linked Member. The membership card of the terminated member must be returned, and an administration charge of £10 will be payable by the qualifying member.

Can I Link somebody to my membership as a gift?

Any Qualifying Member can buy Linked Membership for their friends and family, as long as they still have space available in their Membership Unit.