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Membership terms and cancellation policy

Annual Card/Cheque Payments

Payment by Debit/Credit Card or Cheque provides CSSC membership for one year, commencing from the date the annual payment is made, and may be renewed annually thereafter.

You have 14 calendar days, effective from the day your initial application is processed, or your renewal payment is taken, to cancel your membership under the Consumer Contracts Regulations You may be entitled to a refund dependant on whether you have used any of CSSC’s products and services. If you wish to cancel your membership within this period, you must notify CSSC by telephone, e-mail or post. Any cancellation request made after the 14 day ‘cooling off’ period will not be eligible for a refund.

Direct Debit

If you have a direct debit agreement, then payment is automatic through your bank or building society. Payment by Direct Debit is taken either on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis depending on the frequency you chose when you joined CSSC.

Direct Debits are taken on or around the 7th of each month. When joining CSSC, your first payment by direct debit will be pro-rated to take into consideration the remaining days of the month you joined, plus the first-month payment is made. This information can be found within your direct debit notice sent to you upon joining.

If your direct debit fails and has not been cancelled, CSSC will attempt to collect your membership fee again later in the same month. CSSC reserves the right to cancel a CSSC membership at any time after a due payment has not been made.

You have the right to cancel your direct debit at any time and can do so by contacting CSSC on 01494 888 444. You will also need to cancel your direct debit directly with your bank.

Cancellation requests to CSSC need to be made at least six working days before your Direct Debit is due to be paid to avoid another payment being taken. CSSC will not be liable for late cancellation requests and no refund will be given if payments have not stopped before the due date.

For annual Direct Debit payers only, CSSC offers a 14-day cooling-off period, effective from the day your renewal payment is taken. If you wish to cancel your membership within this time, you must notify CSSC by telephone, email, post or online cancellation form. You may be entitled to a refund depending on whether you have used any of CSSC’s products and services. Any cancellation request made after the 14 day cooling-off period will not be eligible for a refund.

Salary/Pension Deductions

Payment by Salary or Pension is a voluntary deduction taken monthly to pay for your CSSC membership.

Once your membership has been processed and voluntary deductions have been confirmed, these deductions are then your responsibility.

You will need to contact your relevant payroll or pension provider directly if you wish to cancel your CSSC deduction. You must then contact CSSC via e-mail or post to notify us of your request to cancel. Please note if you only contact CSSC and not your payroll/pension provider, your membership will not be cancelled.

Once your cancellation has been processed by your payroll/pension provider and CSSC has been notified, you will receive confirmation of your cancelled membership from CSSC.

CSSC membership cards

If you cancel your membership and have been issued with a plastic membership card, you must return this to CSSC by posting to Freepost CSSC Sports & Leisure as it will no longer be valid.

Payment for individual membership by a third party

If payment for your membership is being made by anyone other than yourself, this must be done annually by debit or credit card.

Gift Membership

If purchasing a Gift membership, you have 14 calendar days from the date payment is made to withdraw the gift membership and receive a full refund. If the gift has been redeemed, you will not be entitled to a refund.

Changes in membership subscription rates

CSSC may change the rate of its membership subscription from time to time. Any such changes may only be approved at CSSC’s AGM and will be advertised to all members in advance of any changes to membership payments.

Re-joining CSSC

You are welcome to re-join CSSC at any time, but if you cancel your CSSC membership and wish to re-join within one year from the date of your cancellation, you may only do so by making a card payment for annual membership.

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