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Linked Membership

Share memories with your friends and family

Did you know you can earn £10 cashback for each friend or family member that joins us, through you?

The more members we have, the better CSSC becomes. And we know our greatest advocates are our members, sharing their fantastic experiences with their loved ones.

That’s why you can invite up to six friends and family, who wouldn’t usually qualify through their work, to join CSSC and link their membership to yours. Linked Members will enjoy the same great benefits, savings and discounts as you, together with their own membership card. And once they’ve been with us for a year, they’ll qualify in their own right and they can link more friends to their membership.

Plus, what’s more, is you’ll get £10 cashback, for each friend that joins, as our way of saying thanks.

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Who can I invite?

Anyone over 18 can join. Whether it’s a friend, family member, flatmate or team mate, everyone is welcome. As long as you’re not a Linked Member yourself, you can invite up to six friends to join. Please refer to our terms and conditions below.

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How much does it cost?

Each linked member will pay the same low subscription of just £4.50 a month or £54 a year. If a linked member is over the state retirement age, they will receive a 10% discount on membership subscription rates.


How do they join?

Simply log in, go to 'Invite a member' and generate a unique URL that they can use to join online with. 

Invite a member


More information

Members that join online will be able to sign into our website immediately and start saving straight away. Access to the My Savings+ portal will be granted within 2 working days.

It can take up to three weeks for paper forms to be processed.

Linked Members can pay by Direct Debit in monthly, quarterly or annual installments, or by credit/debit card annually.

If you would like to purchase their membership for them, it can only be paid in full via credit/debit card.

They can simply print off and complete our Direct Debit membership form and once the form is completed please send to - Freepost CSSC SPORTS & LEISURE (no other addressing details are to be written on the envelope).

Remember to make sure they enter your full name and membership number in the referral section so you receive your £10 cashback reward.

A Qualifying Member is someone who works in the civil service or public sector or is included in our eligibility list. Each Qualifying Member has 6 spots available to link someone who wouldn't qualify for CSSC membership in their own right, to enable them to join CSSC.

When you refer a friend who is a Qualifying Member themselves, you get the cashback reward but they don't take up one of your 6 Linked Member spots, because they qualify for CSSC membership in their own right.

When you link someone to your membership, you get the cashback reward and they take up one of your 6 Linked Membership spots. If they stay with us for a year, they then become a Qualifying Linked Member and can spread the joy by having their own 6 Linked Member spots to share with family and friends.

  1. All Qualifying Members can link up to six adult friends and family members to their own membership.
  2. Linked Members are issued with their own digital CSSC membership card.
  3. Linked Members are eligible to take part in most CSSC activities as though they were Qualifying Members. This includes local, regional and national events, trips, competitions and activities, CSSC teams, sporting and leisure activities and members’ offers. However, Linked Members will not be able to take part in some Departmental Association (DA) activities which take place in official premises where access to members of the public may be prohibited. Access for Linked Members into these events and activities will be matters for respective DAs.
  4. The Qualifying Member does not need to be present when the Linked Member is taking part in CSSC events and activities.
  5. Each Linked Member pays the same rates of membership subscription as apply to other members. For Linked Members above the state retirement age, membership subscriptions will be 90% of the full CSSC membership subscription rate.
  6. An administrative charge of £10 will be payable on each occasion that a nomination is amended, and such changes will be limited to a maximum of one per year. CSSC reserves the right to waive this fee at its absolute discretion if, in its view, the circumstances warrant.
  7. When taking out Linked Membership, the friend or family member is not required to submit evidence of their relationship with the Qualifying Member.
  8. The membership subscriptions of Linked Members will be paid to CSSC by each individual Linked Member via Direct Debit or credit/debit card, unless it has be pre-paid as a gift.
  9. CSSC issue one annual CSSC savings pack to each Qualifying Member and each Linked Member.
  10. Every Qualifying Member or Linked Member, for whom an email address is held, will be issued with occasional promotional CSSC emails, unless they have not 'opted in'.
  11. Linked Members would be able to vote at CSSC’s AGM and AGMs of CSSC constituent bodies.
  12. If the Qualifying Member leaves CSSC, the Linked Member may retain their membership.
  13. Linked Members may not link anyone to their membership.
    1. However, after one year of continuous membership, Linked Members qualify and can then link up to six people to their membership.
    2. Linked Members can also recommend Qualifying Members to CSSC, and in turn will receive £10 cashback for each member they refer.
  14. Linked Members can volunteer to undertake a wide variety of roles and responsibilities within CSSC, including roles within the various constituent bodies of the Council. A few notable exceptions are:
    1. No more than one officer (Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer) of any Committee, Board, Council or CSSC decision-making body shall be elected or appointed from the same membership unit – Qualifying and Linked Members combined.
    2. No more than one bank or equivalent account signatory of any Committee, Board, Council, CSSC decision-making or affiliate body shall be allowed from the same membership unit – Qualifying and Linked members combined. This provision also applies to accounts administered ‘Online’.
    3. The auditor of Committee, Board or other CSSC decision-making body accounts shall not be elected or appointed if s/he is from the same membership unit (Qualifying and Linked Members combined) as any officer of the body whose accounts are due to be audited.
    4. Voluntary roles within certain groups may be subject to other conditions (beyond the control of CSSC) that a Linked Member may not be able to satisfy. For example, certain Departmental Association volunteer roles may involve certain criteria that a Linked Member may not be able to satisfy. Similarly, certain voluntary roles (for example roles connected to Health & Fitness Centres) may require frequent or routine access to buildings for which security access cannot be granted. The intention is to overcome as many of these potential barriers as possible to grow the overall size of the Council’s voluntary workforce.
    5. Only Qualifying Members can be appointed as officers of CSSC’s National Council.
  15. As of 13 October 2020, the first 500 Invite a Member referrals will receive £20 cashback. A bonus rate of £10 will be applied on top of the existing invite a member £10 cashback. This offer will continue until we have received 500 referrals. CSSC reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.

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