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Learning a Language for Adults

Connect, communicate and expand your horizons

Proficiency in languages is a vital skill that gives you the opportunity to engage and connect with the world in a meaningful way and can help you in the business world to compete and succeed.

Being able to speak other languages offers a competitive advantage in employability skills, to set you apart from your peers and can lead to increased salaries. Employers are looking for professionals who can communicate seamlessly with customers in new and expanding markets.

There are many cognitive benefits of learning languages, as it can improve your memory, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Understanding different cultures promotes greater empathy and acceptance of others and solidify your connection to other cultures.

Now is the ideal time to boost your confidence and get a sense of accomplishment from learning a new language. There are a host of websites offering some free courses, as well as some providers who offer a more in-depth, personalised approach to language learning.


Our top picks

Man sitting at a table with a laptop and cup of coffee
Battersea Spanish Discount

Battersea Spanish offers a wide range of courses in Spanish, as well as cultural and social events designed to bring together learners, native speakers and anyone with a passion for all things Spanish or Latin.

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The Marlow Language Centre logo on a white background
The Marlow Language Centre Discount

If you’re looking to prepare for your next holiday, or perhaps you’ve always wanted to just learn a new language, try Marlow Language School as a great first step. 

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Hands performing sign language
British Sign Language Discount

Have you ever wanted to learn sign language? CSSC members a rebate for this CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accredited course.

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Online Resources

If time is short, you can quickly download several apps that enable you to learn anytime and anywhere. They often contain games with images, sound and video that is more effective and motivating.

You can learn at your own pace, in your own time and while having fun. You’re introduced to some vocabulary and as you complete the exercises successfully, you move through the levels and unlock the bonus lessons. Two of our favourites are Memrise and Duolingo.

If you’re looking for a more structured approach to language learning using printable resources, videos and vocabulary sheets, the BBC has a selection of resources to test your skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening in Spanish, French, German and Italian.

Battersea Spanish offer a range of courses in Spanish for adults and children, as well as Flamenco and Latin Dance so you can truly immerse yourself in the culture. They have won the LUKAS award for Best Language School in the UK, as well as Wandsworth Small Business Awards.

Battersea Spanish have set up a special offer for our members who want to receive a more one to one service and do not enjoy the solitude of apps or overcrowded classes. This will be available soon and apply to courses booked from May onwards.

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