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Stay Active

Make strides towards a new you

Explore our wide range of activities to help you lead a healthy and active lifestyle. There’s something for everyone. You’ll also find lots of great advice and support to help you start your journey.

A cyclist mid-sprint whilst riding a road bike into the sun

Get on your bike and enjoy the best in cycling support and advice.

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A runner pulls their foot up to stretch their quadricep, the sun is setting in the background

We'll get you moving and help you achieve your running goals.

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A ground-level view of a couple's legs, walking along a path in the woods strewn with autumn leaves

Get more from your walking with our handy tips, maps and much more.

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Fitness at home

A man sits on a yoga mat with one leg bent and the other stretched out, holding the toes of the outstretched leg

LRG Fitness

LRG Fitness are an online fitness company, offering fitness programmes and videos to suit all ages and abilities.

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A woman keeping fit at home, watching a fitness video on the TV. She is mid jump, bringing on knee up to her chest

Train with friends and compete in live leader board classes. 30 day free trial of FiiT (including Premium) and then 25% off any membership after that for CSSC Members.

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A woman jogging down a residential street listening to headphones


Exclusive to CSSC Members. A boutique fitness spot helping you live your life in the body you want.

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Home Fitness Savings

Save on your fitness equipment and clothing with top retailers.

A close up view of dumbbells and an exercise ball in a gym
My Gym Discounts

Save money at over 3,700 gyms, health clubs, yoga studios, bootcamps, leisure centres and fitness venues.

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A woman sits down on a yoga mat and ties the shoelaces of her pink trainers

Looking for savings while staying active at home? MyActiveDiscounts has you covered with great savings on everything from home fitness to sports clothing.

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An assortment of gym gear; a light blue sports bra, a dumbell, headphones and a water bottle
Health & Fitness Savings

Offers that’ll help you reach your goals and lead a happy, healthy lifestyle.

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A woman sits on the sofa whilst petting her dog

CSSC Fitness Videos

Discover our range of homemade fitness routines, designed to be done in the comfort of your own home.

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A ground-level closeup of three women sat in meditation pose with their hands resting on their knees and thumb and forefingers making an O
Yoga & Pilates

Practising yoga/pilates is good for your mind, as well as your body. The focus on breathing gives it a meditation like feel, whilst the poses build strength in your muscles and core.

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A group of muddy women cheering as they finish a run
Activity Subsidy Scheme

Try our activity subsidy scheme and get financial support to help you participate in a range of different sports activities. Perfect for beginners and seasoned pros.

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