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I have over 40 years experience of cycling, commuting to work and racing regularly mainly in time trials and sportive’s. Regularly commuting over 100 miles a week on rural, urban and inner city roads means I understand the issues traffic and other obstacles present to a cyclist.

With lots of experience in getting new cyclists and athletes to start up and progress, I have the knowledge and techniques to get the best out of training and racing. I am a member of a cycling club and British Cycling, being active in ensuring races take place and are open to all.    

Tony standing by his bicycle


Hi, my name is Tony, I’m a keen cyclist, more recreational than chain gang, however I am lucky enough to live near the Campsie Fells just outside Glasgow and can often enjoy some tough hill climbs including the famed tak ma doon road that Robert Millar used to train on to become a Tour de France champion.

In terms of bikes, for commuting I’ve recently start using Edinburgh’s Just Eat hire bikes. At home I use my Genesis road bike, a Foffa single speed and I have a Genesis Core mountain bike. There must be another one due soon.

I’ll try to provide you with advice if I know or if I don’t I’ll work at finding out the right place to ask. Most of all I want you to enjoy your cycling and I’ll support anyone making that move into the adventurous world that bikes open up to us all. Please feel free to get in touch.  

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