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CSSC one

Our trust mark scheme

Every individual is part of our team

a purple cssc one logo of a person alone

Vision statement

At CSSC, we are proud of our values; passionate, progressive, supportive and social. Our sports programme, activities, events and offers encapsulate these values and CSSC is committed to ensuring all of our members feel that they can take part in our full offering.

CSSC one is a trust mark scheme for members, so that they can be sure that our events/offers/activities will be inclusive to individuals attending solo and that they will receive a warm and friendly welcome. CSSC is committed to our role of bringing likeminded people together and CSSC one will provide reassurance to solo attendees. Aligning with our values of being supportive and social, CSSC wants all of our members to know that every individual is part of our team.


In line with the CSSC one scheme, CSSC makes the following commitments to our members:

  • CSSC will consider the needs of solo attendees
  • Events showing the CSSC one trust mark (above) have been assessed to ensure they are solo attendee friendly
  • All CSSC events will be open to all members; attending with others or as individuals
  • Where members will need to partner up for an activity, all reasonable steps will be made to create partnership opportunities
  • Members will be able to let organisers know that they will be attending solo. This will ensure individuals can be introduced to others at events and receive a warm welcome
  • CSSC will endeavour to reduce or remove single person supplements where this is possible
  • CSSC one will embrace the spirit of our founders’ mission: to bring unity and camaraderie to the civil service, during an unprecedented term of uncertainty

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