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If you have a general query about CSSC life, please contact the CSSC customer service team, using the form on our Contact Us page. For any technical or more in-depth queries, please send us an email.

It’s our comprehensive health and wellbeing platform, designed around you. With just a few simple lifestyle questions it intuitively understands your requirements and provides everything you need to accomplish your health and fitness goals. It uses the latest expert, scientific led advice, training, tools and structure to help you maintain a healthy mind, body and soul.

They’re experts in the field of workplace health and wellbeing. They provide the tools, technology and expertise to maximise the health and welfare of over 1m customers in 1,000 organisations, across the UK and Ireland.

On the CSSC life webpage click ‘Sign in’ and fill out the registration page for Spectrum.Life. 

Spectrum.Life synchronizes with Fitbit, iHealth and Google Fit apps to track your steps. To set up step tracking you'll need to download the Sepctrum.Life app using the below steps. Once connected via the app you can continue to use the web browser version of CSSC life.

For Android users CSSC life uses data from Google Fit. You'll need to accept the pop-up that requests for permission for using Google Fit, when downloading the app, then have your phone with you while walking/running.

For iOS users, CSSC life uses data from iHealth. Please allow the app to track your motion and have your phone with you while walking/running.

To connect a Fitbit, click on ‘More’ in the Spectrum.Life app, then select ‘Settings’ on the menu. Click on ‘Wearables, connect to Fitbit’ then tap the switch to enable Fitbit and log into your Fitbit account. It may take a few minutes for the data displaying on your Fitbit app to show on the Spectrum.Life app

Once you’ve signed up, visit to log into the platform in the future. We recommend that you save this website as a favourite on your browser for quicker access to CSSC life.

You need to make sure the password contains a minimum of 8 characters having at least 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase and 1 number.

Click the 'Forgot password' link under the login page. It will then open the reset password view, where you should type the email address connected to your Spectrum.Life account. You should receive an email with a link to reset your password. Click on that link and you'll be able to update your password.

Yes, CSSC life is web friendly, so you can visit the same link from your phone as you would on your computer. From here you can use all the same elements of CSSC life, which CSSC members have access to.

Yes, there is an App, which you can download to track your steps and link your smart device to. However, you currently can’t access all the CSSC content through it and some elements are unavailable. We recommend you access CSSC Life, wellbeing and fitness powered by Spectrum.Life on your mobile or computer browsers.

To download the Spectrum.Life app on your phone to access CSSC life and connect your step tracking you'll need to follow the below stages:

  1. On your smartphone click on your app store, for Android it's the 'Play Store' and for Apple it's the 'App Store'
  2. Search 'Spectrum.Life '
  3. Click install and follow the instructions to sign into your account. You'll need to sign up online before you can sign in on the app

The app needs permission to track your location because that's how it can track your steps and display this information back to you.

For accessing all features of CSSC life available to members, we recommend you visit CSSC life in your web browser, instead of the app.

Sure. The courses you've actively taken part in will be displayed under the 'my active paths' tab on the wellbeing section. You can also save specific modules from a course by clicking the 'heart icon' associated to them, which will save the content to the 'favourites tab' under the 'Articles' section.

You just need to complete the Insights questionnaire and based on your answers we'll recommend recipes specifically for you.

Insights is a short optional questionnaire within the CSSC life platform. They’re simple, lifestyle questions to help fine tune and tailor CSSC life, to give you the best experience by recommending courses, classes and activities you may find useful.  

You can retake the Insights questionnaire multiple times if you’d like to change your answers.

No, CSSC will not have access to any data or details which identify individuals. The insight questionnaire will be used to automatically personalise the experience for you and ensure the results and recommendations are properly tailored to your needs, to give you the best experience of CSSC life.

By engaging with the CSSC life platform through logging recipes, completing courses or tracking your steps, you’ll earn points. These show how much you interact with the platform and help with your progress towards reaching your goals.

Organisation code is a unique identifier for your organisation within the Spectrum.Life platform. You'll need this code to be able to register for and access the benefits of the platform.

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