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CSSC Games


Your questions answered!

The 2022 CSSC Games will be held on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th September at Loughborough University.

Accommodation and evening entertainment will be available on the 14th, 15th, and 16th September. The competition will take place across the 15th and 16th. Please check your activity for its schedule.

Anyone who is a CSSC member can enter the CSSC Games. Membership is open to current and retired civil service and public sector employees. To become a CSSC member please click here for more information.

CSSC has opened its membership to linked members where a qualifying member can “link” up to 6 friends/family to their membership. Please click here  to find out more information.  So, as long as your friend or relative is a member, they can attend/enter.

2-day competitions on Thursday and Friday 

Men's Masters Football, Golf (Offsite), Mixed Hockey, Table Tennis, Tennis

1-day events on Thursday 

Badminton, Mixed Basketball, Chess, Men’s Open Football, Ladies Netball, Photography (optional one or two-day event), Pool (Offsite), Rounders, Squash

1-day events on Friday 

Archery, Athletics, Cricket, Fencing, Ladies Open Football, Walking Football, Indoor Games, Karting (Offsite), Mixed Netball, Photography, Ten Pin Bowling (Offsite), Touch Rugby, Beach Volleyball

You can participate in two single-day events assuming they are available on different days. 

Events marked as two-day events you can only select one

Day visitor: Includes competition entry fee, lunch, parking, and facilities.

  • £20.00 - 1 day of competition
  • £30.00 - 2 days of competition

Accommodation package: Includes the above plus 3 course buffet dinner, single ensuite bed, buffet breakfast and entertainment.  

  • £85.00 - 1 night, 1 day of competition
  • £95.00 - 1 nights 2 days of competition
  • £110.00 - 2 nights 1 day of competition
  • £120.00 - 2 nights 2 days of competition
  • £145.00 - 3 nights 1 day of competition
  • £155.00 - 3 nights 2 days of competition

Supplements: An additional charge applies to the following sports:

  • Golf - £30.00
  • Karting - £40.00

Yes, you can come just for the day; you will need to pay the Day Visitor rate in advance. 

Spectators are also welcome to attend (no charge) but no meals provided.

Please click here to book online. 

Individuals can book and pay for their own space and for their team if applicable.

  • Select the package and competition/s you or those you are booking on behalf want to participate in.
  • Click Buy Now and pay for the spaces
  • Booking confirmation will be sent to you via email 
  • Link to an online form requesting further information about who is attending the games and their requirements will be provided within the confirmation email. 

The online form link can be distributed to those you have booked on behalf of to complete themselves or you can complete the details on their behalf.

Booking for large groups/teams? We are happy to accept bulk bookings offline. Please contact the CSSC Games team to discuss your requirements.

You will receive email confirmation of your booking and payment as soon as you have made payment online 

 A ‘final details’ info pack will be sent to all attendees at least two weeks prior to the event which will include map of the campus and some general information about the event. Separate event mail outs will also be distributed around this time with confirmed schedules and reminder of the rules. 

Accommodation will be available from 16:00 on your day of arrival. 

Activities will be scheduled to start from 08:30 on Thursday and Friday mornings. Please click here for more information on specific schedules. 

The CSSC Games is open to all members regardless of their standard. The sports organisers arrange their competitions with this in mind. We do get some members who enjoy their sport at a high level, but the majority just want to be a part of the CSSC Games and enjoy themselves.

This is a common occurrence; we often have teams who are incomplete and as a result we make up composite teams. Get in touch with the CSSC Games team and we will do all we can to match part entries, enabling you to take part.

Parking is available in the Loughborough University campus and there is no charge as this is included in your entry fee. The main carpark to use is Car Park 1. 

Presently within the civil service, time off is increasingly becoming an issue. Special leave can only be granted at the discretion of your line manager.

The events are a large part of the CSSC Games but having a good time is also a big a part of what takes place.

There is entertainment provided on the Wednesday and Thursday nights and a bar will be open on the Friday night.

Thursday night is the 'main event' and the fancy dress theme will be 1920s, fancy dress is encouraged but not compulsory. Alternatively, there will be a quiet bar available to enjoy a drink and a chat with your team.


  • Beds are 4ft
  • Bedding and pillows supplied
  • All rooms have en-suite bathrooms
  • Towel supplied
  • A limited number of en-suite accessible rooms available


  • Large shared kitchen/diner
  • Quiet rooms available
  • The University network and internet access are available by both wired and wireless networks
  • Bike store

In the first instance and if applicable please contact your departmental association or place of work as funding may be available to assist you in attending the CSSC Games.

If the above is not available to you then funding is available via our Games Travel Policy. Members are entitled to claim up to 50% of their travel costs (mileage or public transport) up to one time the current full annual CSSC subscription (£54.00). 

Funding is not available to those eligible to receive these expenses (in part of full) from any other body or organisation.

Please visit the CSSC Games home page for more information about volunteer roles and what is involved.

All CSSC Games volunteers are provided accommodation and all food for the duration of their time at the event. Volunteers will also receive a refund for all reasonable travel expenses to get to and from the event.

Please contact the CSSC Games team via email send email or by phone on 01494 888439 or 01494 888434. 

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