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CSSC Awards

CSSC Awards 2021

Each year, we look at recognising the achievements of our volunteers and this year, especially in light of all the challenges 2020 has presented, it's even more important we celebrate their successes.

Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, our volunteers have still managed to organise and arrange many fantastic events for our members.  

The 2021 CSSC Awards

We have the following awards which recognise the achievements of our volunteers, associations and departments.

Merit Award Winners 2020

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The Innovation Award graphic
Innovation Award Winner 2021

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The Russell Scott Trophy graphic
Russell Scott Trophy Winner 2021

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Turnbull Award Winner 2021

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The John Whittaker - Fellowship Award

The winner has been announced! 

After receiving a Merit Award, many of our wonderful volunteers continue to display exceptional hard work, integrity and endeavour year-after-year, sometimes for decades!

To honour these unique and remarkable individuals we introduced the Fellowship Award in 2015.

So join us in celebrating our final award winner this Volunteer Week. Congratulations, Debra Allott MBE!

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About the Awards and criteria

This award is for an Area Association, Regional Council, sports association, local sports clubs or section, National Sports Organiser or other volunteers who have been innovative in introducing a project or something similar, that has had a major, positive impact on CSSC.

Award Criteria

  • Made a significant impact on the members' offering package, especially given the difficulties faced during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Made a significant contribution to overcoming barriers in the participation of sport and physical activity.
  • Been effective at creating new opportunities for more people, to start, stay or succeed in CSSC sport and physical activity.
  • Been an inspiration and example of best practice to others.
  • Shown dedication and commitment in helping those involved.
  • Built strong relationships and links.
  • Demonstrated special qualities that set the project/team apart from others.

This award is given to the Area Association with the best all-around record in a particular year. 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. We are therefore looking for an Area Association that has made a significant impact on the members' offering package, especially given the difficulties faced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each year, a large number of CSSC volunteers devote considerable time and effort to ensuring CSSC's Area Association (AA) community provides a vibrant and effective activity programme for members.
In doing this, AAs and their committees show imagination, fortitude and innovation, achieving remarkable results, whether it's introducing new activity ideas, valuing their volunteers or increasing membership.

The judging panel is looking forward to hearing from AAs in relation to what the area has achieved, over and above expectations, during the challenging year that we have just had. And what they have done to ensure that activities and events in various different formats have still gone ahead, ensuring engagement with members during the pandemic year.

Award Criteria

  • Successes - What significant successes the AA has had in the last 12 months.
  • Development - How has the AA been able to maintain its involvement and engagement with its local membership.
  • Membership - How has the AA sought to keep in touch with its members? What steps did the AA take to recruit more members?

This award recognises a CSSC volunteer who has made an outstanding contribution in a particular year. Without them, CSSC couldn’t begin to offer as much as it does for members. 

2020 was a challenging year for us all but, who do you know in the CSSC volunteer community that has made a significant impact over the past 12 challenging and difficult months, due to the COVID -19 pandemic, that has significantly and positively impacted CSSC as an organisation and / or its members and fellow volunteers.

  • Helping members keep active through a CSSC Workplace Health and Fitness centre.
  • Leading an activity within a local Area Association, club or region.
  • Organising an activity in an office or department.
  • Making all the difference within a Region.
  • Providing great opportunities through a local or national CSSC sports association.

The winning volunteer should be considered to have provided truly outstanding service. This may be in any area of volunteering with CSSC, but must represent a contribution which has gone more than the 'extra mile' to help CSSC. For example, a member who has, through their own efforts and the motivation of others, helped to regenerate an Area Association, which was previously dormant or inactive, or kept a regional or club activity afloat where it would otherwise have ceased, or undertook the organisation of an event or events to an exceptionally high standard.

These examples are by no means exhaustive. The key criterion throughout is not longevity in a post (there are other ways to reward such meritorious service) but the exceptional nature of both the input and the impact made by the individual in the relevant year.

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