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Bring some flavour to your day

Eating a balanced diet with a rainbow of colours will help maintain a healthy body and healthy mind. So, we’ve seasoned this page with some helpful ideas to add some flavour to your day.

Family BBQ Recipes

Barbecue season is almost here! In anticipation of its arrival we've put together our favourite savoury dishes to snack on, or sizzle over the coals.

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Movie Night Snacks

We've rounded up some of our favourite recipes, from cheesy nachos to homemade s'mores, so you don't have to go without snacks during movie night!

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Recipe Cards

Need some meal planning inspiration to help you eat better and shop less?

Dive into a great range of recipes that have been created by our very own CSSC staff and are sure to tantalise your tastebuds.

Overnight Oats

A fruity way to start your day

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Banana Muffins

A simple, fresh and flavourful favourite.


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Packed with flavour and texture.

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Chicken Pesto

A wholesome and delicious dish.

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Pancetta meets pasta to create a hearty & filling meal

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Butternut squash & chilli soup

A hearty, healthy soup with a touch of zing to add some fire to your belly

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Leek and potato soup

Add a dash of cream for an indulgent treat and the end of the week

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Sweet potato salad

Makes a great meal in itself, or a perfect side dish.

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Healthy chilli

Perfect with Jacket potatoes

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Meatball and courgette spaghetti

A kids classic, fit for adults.

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Pasta-free lasagne

Layers upon layers of meaty goodness

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Jam Cut-Out Biscuits

A moreish treat to satisfy your sweet tooth

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Vegan Pancakes

A practically perfect pile of pancakes.

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Breakfast Smoothies

For on-the-go smooth-a-licious scrumptiousness. 

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Chickpea & Cauliflower Curry

Packed full of a piquant punch.

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Tomato Soup

Simplicity in itself

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Oreo Cheesecake

A delightfully, devilish dessert.

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Quick & easy Banoffee Pie

Sensationally sweet and sticky

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Sweet & Sour Pork

Colourful, vibrant, zesty and zingy

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Top tips

Just a useful pinch of hints and tips for you to try at home.

Cooking | How to Get Your 5 a Day

Whatever the magic number is these days, if you’re struggling to eat the recommended portions of fruit and vegetables, then we’ve got some practical tips that might help you get close.

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Cooking | Meal Prep Tips

With a little bit of planning and preparation, we can help you fit cooking and eating great meals into your busy weeks.

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Cooking | Eating on a Budget

Finding that right balance between eating healthily and sticking to a budget can be tricky. Whilst this is sometimes true, there are still plenty of ways you eat healthily for less.

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English Heritage Victorian Cooking

English Heritage are fortunate to have Mrs Crocombe’s original notebook of recipes. Their expert on historic cookery has taken these original recipes and made sure that all the ingredients are readily available today.

Download your recipe card and master some medieval cooking and baking.

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