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Everyday Savings


Save over £500 with a TOTUM PRO card and app on hundreds of online and instore discounts.

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Members of CSSC benefit from a great range of discounted and free days out and shopping vouchers.


TOTUM PRO is a card and app that offers discounts and deals from over 250 UK retailers. Simply show your TOTUM PRO card in-store at participating retailers, or access savings online and via the TOTUM app.

Retailers and savings include:

  • 10% off the Co-op
  • Savings at hundreds of other retailers including Apple, Samsung, Boots, ASOS and many more. See the full range at
CSSC member offer

On average, users save £550 per year with their TOTUM PRO card and app on everyday items and luxury purchases, online and instore.

As a CSSC member you can purchase a TOTUM PRO card. This is an exclusive offer to CSSC members that you would not normally get access to unless you were a Professional Learner. CSSC members are eligible for this offer as CSSC is the professional body you’re affiliated with.

You can purchase a membership card for either one, two or three years. Prices start from £14.99 for a one-year membership opening up a whole year of fantastic savings.

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Available all year round
Special Guidance

For terms and conditions visit terms TOTUM PRO 

Changing your email address

To purchase a TOTUM PRO card as a CSSC member you must use your CSSC registered email address. Once your TOTUM account is set up you can change the email address used by contacting the TOTUM customer support team at You will need to contact their customer support team from your CSSC registered email address and include the alternative email you would like to be used in the body of the email. The TOTUM team will then update your account.





Really unclear how to get the Amazon offer. I have a totem card coming in the post at some point so will try again when that arrives!

Totum site isn't the best to be fair, and neither is getting swapped onto the discounted prime on Amazon. I had to email amazon student verification with a pic of my Totem Pro card. Once done, almost instant verification that my current prime account would switch to 6mths free and then £3.99 after that, with my latest current full price - £7.99 prime payment being refunded.

Excellent to qualify for a student discount card!

You only get student Amazon prime membership, so if you currently share your Amazon prime membership benefits with other members of your household this stops as soon as you transfer over to the student membership. Member benefits can't not be shared under student prime membership.

Excellent value even if just for the Amazon Prime deal alone.

Worth it for the amazon savings. I've found a few places that do student discount, but not Blue Light Card, so this will be super helpful.

Very quick and easy to set up. The Amazon prime deal alone makes this well worthwhile, will also be using the co-op discount fairly regularly.

Totem card registration was quite easy but such a faff to get the Amazon Prime offer which is what I was really interested in although I do shop at Coop. After it rejected my email address which is the same one as on everything, I even changed my profile name to match my totem card as per an instruction on another review. Still it wouldn’t accept it. So now I’ve had to email Amazon Student Prime and provide a screenshot of my digital card, which I obtained from accessing the totem app. What should have taken 5 minutes has taken an hour and now I have to wait for Amazon to get back to me and just hope they accept this otherwise I’ve wasted my money. Incidentally it isn’t just £24.99 as the physical card is another £1.50 to be posted. Totem didn’t make it clear at the start that there is an app that shows your digital card, otherwise I wouldn’t have wasted a further £1.50.

The amazon deal was pretty much what sold me, super easy emailed with a screenshot of the ID from the app. I also shop at Co-op a lot so the 10% off will be nice.

Great savings. Primarily purchased for the Amazon Prime Student offer: 6-month free trial, then £3.99 a month. The T&Cs say "... a reduced rate for a total benefit period of up to four years.". No problems with registration. Follow the instructions from CSSC and then email Amazon ( with a photo of your Totum Pro membership card. I used the digital membership card in the Totum App. Amazon emailed within minutes to confirm that my membership was active.

Used for Amazon Prime student, already paid for itself as I was considering getting Prime at full price! Don't forget 10% off at Co-op too

I bought the three year Totum card outlet for this Amazon deal but amazon won’t recognise CSSC as student status so won’t apply the rate. I’ve effectively thrown away £27. Don’t buy it for this reason, only if there’s other offers you can use on totum

Brought a 3 year card and signed up for Amazon Prime Student - 6 months free then £3.99 a month thereafter. Not only am I, on Prime Free Delivery, but access to Amazon Video too. Only thing to be aware of, make sure your Totum Pro and Amazon Prime Names match, when signing up - having sorted this out by editing my name, Amazon accepted my application.

Bought 3 years for price of 2. With one use saved more than the cost of the card. Worth purchasing.

a great way to save money

Just signed up and will be using it for my Amazon Prime. As with others I initially had problems using the verification code but found out it was due to using a different e-mail address than the one I use for CSSC. Totum help was very quick to provide assistance.

I signed up for Totum Pro for 3 years (currently they are offering 3 years for the price of 2, they have extended offer to end of Oct 20). I sent a photo of my card to Amazon and the same day they converted my account to Prime Student and are sending me a refund on my current standard month fee of £7.99. So I’m now in the 6 month free trial period then it will cost £3.99 a month (presumably for 3 years). Great offer!

Fantastic perk on top of my CSSC membership - just signed up for Amazon Prime student which is 6months free, and then £3.99 each month after (50% off regular price). Love being able to use the card in shops to get student discount, especially my local Co-op, it makes such a difference.

A bit tricky to sign up but my fault as I am also doing a master's so didn't follow the instructions correctly. Its ordered though and already signed up to the amazon student deal!

I used it for the free 6 month amazon prime trial and £3.99 thereafter.

Amazing discounts. Bought a new gaming pc whilst there was a big discount with dell, saved £300. Well worth the investment.

Unable to sign up. I enter the code on the website and it takes me precisely nowhere.

Great offer. Just signed up for this for £25 for 3 years and converted my £7.99 a month Amazon Prime subscription to an Amazon Prime Student for £3.99 per month option for 12 months just by sending them a picture of my Totum card. Will look to renew again next year and the year after for £3.99 a month and will save me loads as I have to have Amazon Prime. Its already paying for itself and I haven't even looked at the other offers yet :-)

Code won’t verify on website

I pay full price for Amazon Prime and this card enables me to get it for just over half price, so the price of the card for 3 years (£25) will save me £90 at least. Great offer.

there more place I could use it.

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