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Activity subsidy scheme

Make great savings on your favourite sporting events

Try our activity subsidy scheme and claim back fees for running, walking, cycling and swimming events. Perfect for beginners, enthusiasts or seasoned pros.

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  • Running - all events of 5 miles or over, including 10k runs, half-marathons, and marathons 
  • Obstacle courses - any obstacle course over 10km, for example, Tough Mudder 
  • Cycling - all forms of cycling including road races, mountain biking, cycle trekking and time trials 
  • Triathlon/duathlon
  • Wheelchair events - all track and road wheelchair races including half marathons and marathons
  • Open water swimming events 
  • Walking/trekking - all walking and trekking events 5 miles or over
  • Orienteering courses

This subsidy is only valid for non-CSSC events.

The amount of subsidy you receive is determined by the entry fee to your chosen event:

  • £10.00 - £20.00 entry fees: 100% awarded
  • £20+ entry fees: £20 awarded

Please note that it can take up to 60 days for the payment to reach your account. 

You can claim for up to a maximum of two events per calendar year. Payments can only be made for events that have taken place in that calendar year.

To claim this subsidy you must have been a member at least four months. You should enter the event yourself, paying the full entry fee for your relevant category/discipline. 

Your application must be made up to two months after the event has taken place. To receive your subsidy, please include a valid link to the results page for your event when applying. This can be done in the link to results section of the application form. 

All forms must be submitted as soon after the event as possible and no longer than two months after the event has ended.

The activity subsidy scheme is a budget limited initiative. This means that we reserve the right to close the scheme once the budget is exhausted.

In such circumstances, all registrations properly made and accepted before that point will be honoured regardless of when the actual event takes place during that year. 

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