Structure of CSSC

Structure of CSSC

CSSC Board

Responsible for the formation of policy and oversight of the conduct of CSSC's business.

The full Board comprises the Chairman, Vice-Chairmen, Honorary Treasurer and twelve elected members. It meets three times a year. In between, specific responsibilities are delegated to the Resources, Sport and Leisure and Volunteer Committees.

Regional Councils

These are responsible for organising the Regional Activities Programme. Funding is based on an assessment of need. 

Area Associations

These are responsible for local activities. They vary greatly in size and offer a range of sporting and leisure activities which are either organised by the Area committee or “bought-in” and offered at subsidised rates. A few Area Associations also run a club; again, these vary in size and the range of sporting facilities on offer. Funding is based on the number of members in the Area. 

Departmental Associations

These are formed and controlled by each Department. They vary considerably in size and the range of activities they provide. Funding from CSSC is based on the number of CSSC members in the Department. Some Departments have a separate departmental subscription but most do not, they rely on CSSC grants to fund their internal activities.

Sport and Recreational Bodies & National Organisers

These concentrate on promoting sport to our members. They vary in size and constitution. The larger ones organise national championships, interdepartmental events, representative matches, training, taster days etc. Others just organise one event per year. Some run facilities such as sailing boats or fishing waters. Funding is generally based on an assessment of need.

Health and Fitness Centres (HFC)

A number of HFCs have been set up in partnership with Departments in locations throughout Civil Service buildings for members to access. They are normally run by a locally elected committee.  In addition, Alpha Fitness Management Solutions runs 4 HFCs managed by CSSC staff.

Head Office

CSSC has 59 staff most of whom are based in High Wycombe providing support services including customer support, estate management, finance, marketing, membership, sports development, volunteer support and event management. 

The field staff based around the country support the 12 Regions and are responsible for promoting CSSC in their respective regions. In addition, there are 6 Alpha staff at various locations.



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