Caroline Rolfe

Vice Chairman; Chairman of the Sports & Leisure Committee

Professional Background

Caroline is an accountant and project manager and recently worked with organisations transitioning out of government to become independent.

In her role as Director of Resources (“Chief Operating Officer”), she is responsible for corporate business services and helping to establish The Royal Parks as a new independent charity. This is an exciting time for The Royal Parks and a great opportunity for the Charity to focus on providing even better parks and historic landscapes for the public’s enjoyment.

CSSC / Relevant Experience

Caroline joined CSSC as Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Sports and Leisure Committee in 2015 with a keen interest in developing the availability of sports and activities for civil servants, which are increasingly recognised as helping improve health and well-being. Caroline was also the Chair of the DFT / CLG (DA) sports and social association – SPARTA. The Sports and Leisure Committee is committed to developing new and attractive opportunities for members to become involved in all kinds of leisure activities, while maintaining its focus on healthy sports and games. Caroline is also a member of SPARTA: the DFT / CLG (DA) sports and social association.



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