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CSSC savings FAQs and Guides

We've created a handy guide to help you understand how the CSSC savings offers work and how you can make great savings.

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Learn how the CSSC savings platform works and how you can make the most of it.

Welcome to CSSC savings

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Setting up a Direct Debit

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Your Cashback

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Frequently asked questions

CSSC savings is a platform which gives CSSC members access to thousands of fantastic deals, offers and savings online and in-store.

You can make savings and earn cashback on all kinds of spending, from your weekly supermarket shopping, to meals out, holidays, clothing, homeware and insurance, there are plenty of ways to save.

To find out more about the different ways you can save with CSSC savings see our ‘How to use CSSC savings’ guide above.

It can take up to two working days for your CSSC savings account to be activated after joining CSSC.

Whenever you add money to a new reloadable card or top up an existing reloadable card for a retailer, you accumulate cashback into your CSSC savings account at the percentage specified on the CSSC savings website

For example: if you top up £100 onto a reloadable card with a cashback rate of 5% you will receive £5 cashback into your CSSC savings account. 

Reloadable gift cards, digital vouchers and online offers are three great ways to save using CSSC savings.

See our ‘How to use CSSC savings' guide above to learn more about the different ways to earn cashback.

  • Reloadable Gift Cards provide you with a quick and easy way to earn cashback every time you shop by simply loading funds on to cards of your favourite retailers. To obtain a card and earn cashback you first need to order a card and credit it with a minimum of £10.  Then proceed to check out and make a payment.
  • Before you can use your card, you need to activate it. To do this you’ll need to visit the My Savings+ website. Once on the CSSC savings site click on “My Reloadable Gift Cards” from the drop-down menu on the top right, find your non-activated card(s) and click “Activate”. Once your card is activated, funds can take up to four working days to show on your card, so please check the balance before you proceed to use it.
  • You can top up your cards at any time on the CSSC savings platform from the “My Reloadable Gift Cards” page, which will earn you cashback. Please note, if you top up your card in the retailer’s store, you will not earn cashback.
CSSC local discounts

Save at over 15,000 small retailers across the UK

Could we also add in some new FAQs about this part of the offer too? My rough idea is below but please check through that it makes sense to someone that hasn’t gone CSSC savings changes blind.

What is CSSC local discounts?

CSSC local discounts is our collection of over 15,000 independent retailers across the UK, housed within our CSSC savings platform. Discounts are up to 15% at participating retailers.

To make savings at local retailers, show your CSSC local discounts card in-store.

How to use CSSC local discounts

To use CSSC local discounts, navigate to CSSC savings and then ‘local discounts’ in the ‘Discounts’ tab on the menu bar.

Find local offers near you by using the search within the local discounts page. To redeem a discount, tap ‘View my local discounts card’ on the local discounts page and show this card at the checkout.

If you have lost a gift card purchased through My Savings+, please contact send email to let the CSSC savings team know. They will freeze the card so that the funds cannot be spent. You will then need to order a new gift card and once this has arrived and you have activated it, contact send email again to ask them to transfer any available funds from your lost card onto the new one.

If you do not receive your Digital Voucher email, please check your junk folders and your spam filter settings.

If it's not there for you to view, please login to your account and visit your ‘My Messages’ page, which can be found on the top right-hand side of the page.

  • You can view your cashback on the CSSC savings website. The ‘My Cashback’ page provides you with a statement of all your cashback credits and debits from using the service.
  • Cashback for vouchers and loading money to your reloadable cards is credited instantly. Cashback from shopping online can take up to seven days to appear as pending and a further six weeks to be paid so do check your statement regularly.
  • From the My Cashback page you can also transfer your cashback either to your bank account for a £1 admin fee or free of charge to any of your reloadable cards. You cannot make purchases with your cashback and you do not earn cashback on cashback transfers to your card. You need to have a minimum balance of £5.00 to be able to transfer your cashback. Click here to go to My Cashback.

If your cashback is not showing as pending within 72 hours or not paid within six weeks contact send email with your order details and they will check with the merchant involved.

When your CSSC membership expires or is cancelled your cashback balance will be cleared after six weeks, after that it cannot be claimed back.

Before your membership expires or you opt to end your membership, you should transfer all cashback either into your bank account or onto a reloadable card to spend prior to the date your membership ends. Otherwise your accrued cashback will be lost.

To set up a Direct Debit account you need to visit the CSSC savings website, select "Create Direct Debit" and complete the online form. You do not need to print or send any forms to your bank as we do this for you. You will need your bank account number and sort code to complete the form, so please have these handy. Once a Direct Debit account is set up, simply select the cards you would like to be automatically loaded each month and the amount you want to load. You can add more cards, change the load values of cards and change the total value you want to load. Please be aware that amendments can only be made between the 9th to the 24th of each month which is prior to the values being called for.

If your question hasn’t been covered here, check out the ‘Help’ section of CSSC savings or alternatively email us.

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